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Job description Software Developer Full Time Permanent Remote SwiftX Solutions Pte Ltd

We believe that great products are made in an environment with relatively low negative stress on the developers, and we know that Software Development is an activity that requires high cognitive capacity as well as collaboration betweeen team members and clients.

This is why we support a highly positive work culture where:

- the meetings are predictable, effective and short.

- our developers have the chance to focus on challenging tasks without distractions.

- experienced members provides timely guidance and support.

- we have highly structed and coordinated schedules that allows for fast release cycles of our products.

You will be joining us as a full time permanent remote Software Developer based in Medan working from home.

Highly Desirable Traits:

- Good communication skills: you are proficient in english, and you are able to re-iterate what we discussed verbally and summarize them as written notes to the team.

- Methodical and Meticulous: you usually double check or triple check on important operations, especially during merging of code bases, and doing anything in production environment.

- Highly Persistent: you don't give up on tasks easily.

- Pleasant to work with: we do not support members displaying condescending behaviour to others, especially towards junior members, where encouragement is highly preferred over condescenment.

- Proactiveness: you take initiative to tackle on problems that others have missed, and addresses problems before they arise.

- Organized: you arrange your files, projects, and codes in a reasonably stuctured manner.

Note that the lack of any of these traits does not imply that you do not qualify, everybody has their own set of strength and weaknesses, and can support or even carry the team in different ways.

Here are our expectations for the different levels of experience:

Fresh Graduates

- write reasonably readable codes that fullfills the requirement give by senior members.

- participate in daily 15mins online standup session.

- notify senior members when a blocker is faced in a timely manner, explaning what the problem is, and what have been tried.

1-2 years

- Knows how to merge code from different commits and branches

- Participate in requirements dicussion.

- Use a sensible TDD approach in development.

- write or refactor existing codes or projects and libraries such that it follows the DRY, SOLID and KISS principles.

- Build and Deploy solutions base on a given prototype and requirement.

- Maintain existing ASP.Net solutions

3-5 years

- Analyse, Design, Prototype, Build, and Deploy solutions base on requirements. (From DB design to UI)

- Design and Build new CI/CD pipeline, that works from commit to release. which saves us valuable time and effort in the long run (Jenkins etc)

- As part of the CI/CD pipeline, design and build intergrated automated test (headless chrome, selenium etc)

- As part of the CI/CD pipeline, design and build various industry standard, automated security and code scans (Fortify, SonarQube etc)

- Create performance Test Scripts and analyze performance Test Results

- Conduct Vulnerbility Testing , as well as fix existing vulnerbilities

- Work with Junior members including delegating simplier tasks as well as conducting technical reviews.

Upon shortlisted you will be presented with C# or Javascript assessment base on your preference. The assessment will take less than 2 hours to completed. We will schedule an interview after you have successfully completed the assessment.